Family Friendly Pubs in Melbourne

Whether you’re a local, or a visitor from abroad – finding the best family friendly pubs Melbourne has to offer doesn’t have to be a daunting task. The region is well known for its exciting nightlife, entertaining variety of eateries and stunning vistas – and combining all three has never been easier. With so many bars and pubs to choose from, the only difficulty will relate to deciding on the right one for your needs, so if you’d like help in narrowing down your options, keep reading!

Decide on the atmosphere that you enjoy the most

Some people enjoy nothing more than being surrounded by people and chatter, while others prefer a quieter take on their experiences. The great thing about the variety of bars in Melbourne is that they will each feature their own atmosphere. This makes it easy to visit a couple of potential candidates and then get to know how they feel for yourself. If you don’t like the atmosphere, then it’s an easy option to move on to another until you feel more comfortable.

Search online

The internet is the ideal place to get to know a little more about a particular pub, especially if the proprietor has a website. Questions like space, facilities and other options can be answered and rather than having to visit the location, it will be a possibility to get in touch with the pubs’ team and ask them any questions via email, or over the phone.

The facilities

Possibly the most important factor to consider is the type of facilities available within a family-friendly pub or bar. The difference between regular pubs and family ones, is that the former will be aimed at adults in general, with the latter catering to children and their parents in equal measure. This means that a good family bar should have play areas, comfortable seating for families and plenty of entertainment for adults and kids to enjoy.

Non-smoking options

Some pubs restrict smoking entirely, while others designate areas for smokers to enjoy a quick cigarette and a chat. The Australian Health Organisation prioritise the health of children and adolescents and so any bars that allow smoking are subjected to restrictions, making it even safer for children to be present. If you’re looking for a bar that allows smoking, then consider one with outdoor facilities. If you’d prefer to avoid smoke altogether, then simply opt for a premises that operates under stricter smoking policies.